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Cathy's 1960 Chevrolet Corvair

February 18th, 2005

The rebuilt carbs came in today. They look GREAT! They were rebuilt from an auction on Ebay. The turnaround service was extremely fast and you can see that the workmanship was beautiful. Grant Young did the work and can be reached at or visit his website at I highly recommend any carb work be sent his way.

The car started after just a few moments (to get fuel to the carbs) and ran on it's own after the engine warmed up sufficiently. We also checked the functionality of the transmission and the wheels spin in Drive and Reverse. I hope that this is a good sign.

April 11, 2005

Joe picked up a lift at Complete Hydraulics in Indiana to store the cars and to make the underside work easier. Here are a few pictures of the lift and the storage solution.

April 21-22, 2005

After getting the car up, it was time for an oil change. This was done first and the engine was run for at least a half hour. It seems to idle fine. The next step is to tackle the fuel sending unit problem. As you can see, it is really dirty in the gas tank. The sending unit is crusted with dirt. I guess there is no question why there was no fuel getting to the engine from the tank. Looks like we will be searching for a new sending unit.

May 5, 2005

After an exhausting search on ebay and numerous contacts with Corvair parts vendors, it turns out that the 1960 Corvair was a rather unique item. The fuel sending unit for this car in not made anymore, or is it interchangeable with any other year. If you notice in the second picture above, the sending unit is held in place with 5 screws. In all other years, the sending unit is held in with a locking ring, so to change out the sending unit would mean changing out the fuel tank. We weren't ready to do that yet. Our fix for now included cleaning all of the gunk blocking the tube (that took alot of carb cleaner and a stiff wire) and going without a fuel gauge. We also installed an external fuel filter to catch the remaining large chunks that might come out of the tank. You can see that we have caught some already.

After the fuel flow problem was conquered, it was time for the test drive!!! The car ran wonderfully, accellerated smothly and idled great. Stopping was another matter. We will be checking the brakes soon as well as a full replacement of the suspension bushings.

June 29, 2005

After ordering many parts ($$$) from Clark's Corvair Parts, it was time to make the car look new again. We started with adding new tires and putting the hubcaps on.

Then it was time to dig in. The headliner was the first thing to be replaced in the interior. After pulling the old one out, it was a matter of attaching the new headliner to the support rods, stretching it to fit and trimming the excess.

Next it was the door and interior rear quarter panels. They are attached to the car with nail strips that had to be installed. The fabric is stretched over the nail strips and nailed flat. They came out pretty good.

Here you can see the doors and interior quarters with the panels removed and the quarters after the new panels are in place.

Upon completion of the major interior components, the carpet and the back seat were added.

July 6, 2005

Today was clean up day. The car was washed in preparation for the Culver's car show on July 9th. The trunk was also cleaned out and wiped down.

July 7, 2005

The back seat didn't need recovering, but the front seats REALLY did. The covers and cushions were ordered and the seats were taken to Topline Auto Upholstery in DeKalb, IL. Mike did a great job. You can see the results.

July 9, 2005

We entered our first car show with the Corvair today. The restaurant "Culver's" puts on a small car show once a month during the summer. There were about 75-100 cars in attendance. The Corvair received alot of attention. A friend with a 1962 convertible parked next to us for the two Corvair show.

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