Cathy's 1960 Chevrolet Corvair

Updated April 21st, 2006

In November of 2004, Cathy received her late God Father's 1960 Corvair, thanks to his son, Herb. The car is a Monza 900 two door coupe. It is Blue in color and in need of a good clean up and restoration.

The car's VIN is : 00927O136217

This means :

0 - year built (1960)

09 - trim level (900 (Monza))

O - Assembly Plant (Oakland)

136217 - Vehicle number (subtract 100000) (36217th built)

or -
This car is a 1960 Monza 2-door coupe.
It was the 36217th Corvair built at Oakland that year.

Here is the title for the car

You can check your Corvair's VIN at

and get the meaning of all the codes at :

A brief history of the Corvair can be found HERE

November 4th-5th, 2004

Joe and his friend Mark went to Phoenix to pick up the car. As you can see, the car was covered in a thin coating of fine sand after sitting in the desert for 25 years. The windows were covered on the inside with styrofoam and newspapers to keep the sun out. You can see what is left of them on the floor and seats.

November 6th, 2004

The trip home took the guys to Las Vegas where Mark continued on and Cathy met Joe for an anniversary trip. Here we took the first good pictures of the car on the trailer. Notice that the engine has been cleaned. Also, notice how clean the trunk is. We had not cleaned it at all. The seal on the trunk was good.

November 10th, 2004

Joe and Cathy return from Vegas to find the car safely at home. (Thanks Mark!) Here are some undercarriage shots.

November 12th, 2004

While we were working on getting the car running, our first clean-up spot was the interior. First, we removed the seats. You can see the condition of the carpet. It has only been vacuumed at this point.

Here is the condition of the dashboard, headliner and doors. You might notice that the odometer reads 100,505.3 miles.

Here is the condition of the front of the car. The trunk has been cleared of clutter. Notice the condition of the gasoline heater. It looks like it has never been used!

November 12th, 2004

The carpet and rear decking came out next.

November 17th, 2004

We worked on the carpet and seats. They are quite dirty and will take a few more days than this!

November 19th, 2004

More engine work. Looks like the fuel pump is not working or there is a clogged fuel line, but after installing new plugs, the engine fires when fuel is added directly into the carbs. The floor pan was painted today as well.

December 16th, 2004

Removed the fuel pump and disassembled it. It was very varnished and gummed up. The diaphragm was not very pliable so we decided to order a new replacement from Ebay.

Also, removed the rear wheels. We haven't disassembled the brakes yet, but we did get a couple of used tires so at least the car is movable.

February 9th, 2005

It has been a while, but after replacing the fuel pump, the car still wouldn't start. The cause was lack of fuel. After disconnecting the fuel pump (again), we found that the fuel line was blocked somewhere. It turns out that the blockage is in the tank. That is the next project. We hooked up the fuel pump and routed fuel from a gas can to try the process again. This time fuel flowed! Although the car didn't run well, we have a good feeling about it. After a few tries we noticed a lot of gas on the garage floor. It turns out that there is a blockage in the right carburetor causing the fuel to come out of the overflow port instead of going to the engine. Back to Ebay. The carbs were removed and sent off to be rebuilt.

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